June 28: "Rallying Cries": 3 Plays by Eric Bentley

Friday, June 29, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:33 AM
Given to Maria from Skip.
The red is just a close-up of Chuck Norris'
eyebrows...right before you burn
Skip's father instilled a strong sense of social values when he took all of his children to the deep South during the pre-Civil Rights era.  Skip vividly recalls seeing blacks and whites only entrances for places, as well as an invitation to join a KKK rally, which was advertised by a gas station's fill-up area.  As a result, Skip and his siblings chose the "helping" professions and all of them are either teachers or doctors.  This unassuming paperback features a hat trick of plays that center around social justice.

I couldn't tell Skip this, but who really cares?  I mean, not that the issues aren't important, but why waste your time reading about and performing them when you should just give Chuck Norris a call?  I firmly believe if you got kicked in the teeth enough times or you got burned from staring into his beard too long, you'd stop whatever shenanigans you were up to.

The Rock Chalk Chant does not
count as a social rallying cry
-Profession: Ernst & Young Marketing and Communications

-Favorite part of a submarine: The Exit

-As an Italian, are you more of a Fiat or Vespa gal?:  Fiat because people who drive Fiats are usually bringing the party.  And I love a party.

-You're starting a new job.  What's the first personal detail you'll tell your new co-workers?:  I get quiet when I'm hungry or tired.  If it's both, beware.

-If you could have any job in the world, any at all, but one that fell between the $31K-$40K salary range, what would it be?:  High school math or English teacher at a starting salary.  Or I'd work at any Catholic school--they don't make a ton.