June 3: Coconut Monkey and Elton John "Candle in the Wind" CD

Monday, June 4, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:20 AM
Given to Kelly from Cecilia.

I'm at Cecilia's last night hanging out with her and her family.  Before the interview, Cecilia says she'll be right back and goes trifling through the house to find items that she can include as her gift.  Flash back to about a month ago when she invited me over to her house for a shindig of Indian food and neighborly camaraderie.  Her gift date had already been scheduled.  But in preparation, we may have done a whole house tour and perusal of all her material possessions, which involved her saying, "Here let's include this" about 17 times.

The products of her searches are the monkey, carved out of a coconut shell, which was purchased in India.  It's weird, but the strands on the outside of the shell give it that fur-like quality, so you dip into a split-second freak-out where you think you're petting a monkey, but then you realize you're just cusping a coconut shell.  The second gift is an Elton John tribute to the passing of Princess Diana with the only tracks on it being "Candle in the Wind" and "Something About the Way You Look Tonight".  There's the instance, folks, where you'd want to take advantage of the repeat function on your CD player, if you've still got one of those.

A Century in 'good' condition would
fetch $2,705 as a trade-in
-Profession: IT Consultant

-Favorite facial tissue: the Kirkland ones from Costco

-What's the 'blue book' value of a 2000 Buick Century Limited with power seats?:  Oh God, I have no idea.

-Rhyme your name with 3 other words, then using your name and the three, form a coherent sentence:  Kelly likes the jelly from the deli in her belly.

-You won't go in the sea or eat seafood--under any circumstance.  If a pack of dinosaurs were chasing you toward the sea, would you concede and go in?:  No, I'd rather get eaten by the dinosaurs.