March 25: Hotel Zico water bottle and Assorted Toiletries

Monday, March 26, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:04 AM
Given to Rachel from Tushar.

Hotel Zico is a Mediterranean-themed hotel in Mountain View, California that serves a fine breakfast spread.  They have a friendly service staff, including our friend Tushar, and the rooms were comfortable.  However, two things were not quite as nice: the wall behind the check-in counter (an undulating 3-D wave pattern which I did not take a picture of because it made me dizzy) and their tweezer supply.

Let me back the story up to when I was on the plane and on my way to San Jose.  I rubbed my face in the manner that most people do when they're tired.  My index finger brushed past my eyebrow line and I felt what seemed like six hairs combined into one coarse son-of-a-gun.  Once noticed, I knew it was going to drive me batty.  After checking in (eyes looking down the entire time), I went back to the desk and asked if they had a pair of tweezers in their first-aid kit, again eyes averted.  They handed me a pair of blue plastic good-for-nothings, which couldn't have plucked this sandpaper hair under any condition, let alone an actual sliver if someone was in real need.  I resorted to a trip down to Walgreens the following day, snatching up a $3.99 Revlon magic plucker and moved on with the rest of my day.

-Profession: Freelance writer

-Favorite Starburst flavor: I like the pink and orange ones mixed together.  I smoosh them into one and that's the perfect flavor.

-If you're using a Bic four-colored pen of black, blue, green and red inks, which is your go-to ink?:  Blue

-You live in a community with five other people.  Are there at least two things you'd want to do alone?:  Pee and cry.

-I just had a fabulous vegan meal at Cafe Gratitude where their question of the day was 'Who inspires you?'.  So, who inspires you?:  My friends who I live with.