March 2: The Physics of Superheroes book

Saturday, March 3, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:13 AM
Given to Diane from Daniel.
Forward by Dr. Bruce Banner
The last time I sat down and read a comic book was maybe when I was 16.  I enjoyed and still enjoy the brightly-colored costumes and special powers (in particular, Wonder Woman's omni-linguism) and will see the movies when they come out in the theaters.  And that's where I end it.  Why, oh why, would I want to know the how pliable Plastic Man's elongated neck is?  Or how fast a cyclone Red Tornado can generate?  In fact, Daniel said he couldn't read it for this very reason as well.

The natural extension of a book like this would be something like Dating for Dummies by the cast of Friends or Counseling Tips from Star Trek: The Next Generation's Deanna Troi by Marina Sirtis or Get Amazing Arms by Popeye.  Umm, ain't happening people.

However, cannot imagine herself
with a fu manchu
-Profession: Database Manager

-Favorite # on a di:  2

-What feature would you add to a person's record in the database to make it more interesting:  Their favorite movie

-You've been in your current job for 15 years.  What amenity do you really want?:  A popcorn machine that makes kettle corn, cheese corn, and butter-flavored popcorn.

-Do you have difficulty or ease in imagining men or women with or without facial hair?:  Ease.  My brother grew a beard, then shaved it, then grew it back.  I got used to it and could visualize him with or without it.  You'd look all right with a close-cropped beard.