March 13: Green Day shot glass, Applebee's Brewtus Pilsner glass, and Irish felt hat

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:14 PM
Given to Claudio from Ron.
Doesn't this look more like an Irish pilgrim hat?
What does a man who has everything need?  Apparently, he needs this St. Patrick's Day assortment--shot glass of the band Green Day, a beer glass from Applebee's, and a felt Irish hat.  The shot glass, I'm told by Ron, had been around for a coon's age, and the Brewtus beer glass was a stolen item that also was housing a dust colony.  The felt Irish hat hit on Claudio's fun side.  "I used to dress up for Halloween and get really into it.  One year, I was a Werewolf and another Dracula--and I mean I was dressed up.  I gave a few people heart attacks."  I can visualize that.  However, I'm having difficulty imagining the transition from off-the-boat Italian to heel-clappin' Irishman.

"You tap your toe and then your heel..."
-Profession: Hospitality

-Favorite midnight snack:  Peanut butter and apples

-What's one misperception Americans have about Italians?:  That all Italians are part of the mafia...hey, look at that goomba.

-Do native Italians refer to their country as "the boot"?:  Never.  They never do.

-Do you think Italians should have their own holiday where people get kissed and drink a lot of beer?:  No, I think it's perfectly fine that the Irish have their own holiday.  We can celebrate Columbus Day I suppose.