March 14: Asian desktop pen holder

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:08 PM
Given to Beth from Claudio.

The ghosts of gift exchange past and future reared their ugly heads this evening.  A transcription of their comments:

-Distant past: Claudio: "This is lovely and really unique gift.  I will treasure it forever."
-Recent past: Claudio, on March 13: "This thing was sitting in my office for two years."

-More recent past: Beth, on March 14: "This will go great with everything else in my office.  Let me fill it with pens!"
-Distant future: Beth: "This thing has been sitting in my office for two years."

Pat Sajak gives "limp fish" handshakes
-Profession: Den mother to college students

-Favorite ambient temperature: 78 degrees Fahrenheit

-As a former Deadhead, do you reminisce when you eat Cherry Garcia ice cream?:  I love it, but I don't get sentimental over it.

-You were once a contestant on Wheel of Fortune.  Did the wheel give you motion sickness?:  No, but it's a lot heavier than I thought.  I didn't get to solve any puzzles either.  I remember being seven months pregnant and they made me stand on several boxes.  I looked like a gargantuan next to the others.

-Kazoos have a special meaning for you?:  I used to play my kazoo at my son's baseball games.  We would go to Eden, NY to the American Kazoo Museum.  It was great.  And right next to the Jell-O museum.