March 16: Italian-made Ceramic Bowl

Friday, March 16, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:03 PM
Given to Tiffani from Rosann.
It's not Tiffany, but she likes ceramic
Tiffani was thrilled with her Italian-made ceramic bowl because of some domestic trouble she's having.  Her boyfriend, she says, fills the bowls and baskets around their apartment with other items that belong to him.  For example, her bread basket contains his apple supply.

Tiffani's problem got me thinking about bread bowls.  Is a bread bowl not the perfect system for holding food?  Eat your soup or salad in the bowl fashioned out of bread, then eat the bowl, and you have nothing left.  Nothing to clean.  Nothing to store.

My unsolicited advice to Tiffani and any of you reading that if you have a significant other who stores his/her food in your bowls is this:   Have a garage sale and sell all your bowls.  Make some coin and use that money throughout the year to buy flour so you can make bread bowls.  Then offer to store kiwis, trail mix, holy water, and whatever else your significant other has that needs holding.

Bowls, not life, have come between
her and her boyfriend
-Profession: Graduate Student

-Favorite kind of Kool-Aid: Strawberry Kiwi...and now I want some!

-When you get into minor arguments with friends of yours, what do you call those disagreements?: Tiffs

-Your initials are TBA.  When you host a party or tell someone when you're coming over, do you say TBA just to mess with them?:  Oh yes, I mess with people.  I worked in a doctor's office and had to initial stuff and put mine on a document once.  This woman just went off and asked, "What is going on here?"

-What do people eat for breakfast at your home?:  I make a mean French Toast.  And we'll have Bloody Mary's.