March 3: Mini porcelain shoe, Votive heart candle and Christmas Yankee Candle

Saturday, March 3, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 2:40 PM
Given to Greg from Diane.
Greg's evil step-sisters are vying for one of these
-"Who even keeps a miniature porcelain shoe around?" asks Greg.  "Diane," I reply.
-"Who throws a shoe?", wonders Greg.  "Random Task in Austin Powers," I answer.
-"Who wears a shoe?" ponders Greg.  "Anyone who wants service in a restaurant," I say.
-"When was the shoe invented?" inquires Greg.  "After socks," I tell him.
-"Why do my stiletto heels give me blisters?" asks Greg.  "Because a stiletto heel puts too much pressure on your feet, given their length and width.  A wedge heel would help," I respond.

Steals guest soaps and towels
-Profession: Hotel builder; architect

-Favorite kind of groundcover:  Pine straw

-What kind of smack do you talk when you're building hotels on Avenues Oriental, Connecticut, and Vermont?:  Bitch, don't come on my lawn.

-Sometimes you feel like a nut, which, for you, would be: Smoked almond, wasabi flavored

-Sometimes you don't, which would be what?: Jif Creamy peanut butter [peanuts are legumes]