March 12: Keb' Mo' "Just Like Me" CD

Monday, March 12, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:58 PM
Given to Ron from Pam.

Each of the songs on this cool Keb' Mo' album harken back to past relationships with women.  Allow me to explain.

1) That's Not Love:  tipsy make-out in college with a girl named...Julie? "That's Lust"
2) Perpetual Blues Machine:  where do I begin?  This is like Santa's Christmas list.
3) More Than One Way Home:  to home plate that is...
4) I'm On Your Side:  that's Beth.  I agreed with her parents that she shouldn't get a tattoo, but, at her request, took her to the parlor for "support".
5) Just Like You:  I haven't met my 6'5", 200 lb. counterpart yet.
6) You Can Love Yourself:  I don't want to go there.
7) Dangerous Mood: Michele, Stephanie, and Haley.  Don't change the channel when Sportscenter is on.
8) The Action:  Mary Beth.  All day, girl.
9) Hand It Over:  Notes between me and Kate turned into our sixth grade teacher.
10) Standin' at the Station:  Michele.  We're at Penn Station getting some subs and chips.  AWK-WARD.
11) Momma, Where's My Daddy?:  Jackie--my high school honey.  It was a literal question to her when we snuck underneath the football bleachers.
12) Last Fair Deal Gone Down: Don't ever try being friends immediately after breaking up.  See #2.
13) Lullaby Baby Blues: I sang Katy to sleep on the phone to Snoop Dogg's Gangsta Ride.

-Profession: Bartender/Nursing student/Volleyball Coach

-Favorite U.S. State Quarter: Florida

-'Kills' in volleyball sound so morbid.  Can you come up with something that doesn't sound so morbid?:  Maybe call them 'Smurf berries'.

-Do female bartenders hands down make more money than male bartenders?:  It obviously depends on where you are, but where I work everyone's an equal opportunity tipper.

-You collect coins.  Are the infomercials selling dug up Confederate silver coins for real or what?:  I think it's hogwash.  I've been down South and they have some stuff like that, but it's not polished or anything.  We have sometimes bought the coins that feature a newly-elected President, but that's just a trinket kind of thing.