March 11: Handcrafted Polish Beer Stein

Sunday, March 11, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 9:41 PM
Given to Pam from Adam.

This is a pretty awesome story.  On February 1, I'm going into a bar where I'm meeting Lauren for her gift exchange.  As I enter with gift bag in hand, this guy at the bar (Adam) snarkily asked me if I brought him his birthday present.  I reply that I didn't that evening, but could in the future.  We get to talking, I tell him about the blog, and Adam ultimately signs up to do the exchange yesterday on March 10.

March 10 is an important day to Adam.  His father, a former police officer, died a couple of years ago on that date and he wanted to honor his father's passing by doing this exchange.  Adam gave me a beer stein that was given to his dad in 1983 by a police sergeant on his 30th birthday.  This police sergeant's brother-in-law was from Krakow, Poland.  The stein is home blown glass and the leather koozie is also homemade as well.

It's a unique, thoughtful gift that Pam absolutely loved.  And later in May, Adam invited Pam to come over for his birthday party where he'll have some home-brewed beer to fill her mug with!

Luggage tags are conversation
starters for her and her co-workers
-Profession:  Airline Employee

-Favorite hand soap:  Bath & Body Works Coconut Ginger

-Is Pam cooking spray and oil the official cooking oil in your household?:  No, but I've used it.

-Any advice on how a person should handle their luggage?:  Don't ever, ever put your bag on your bed or couch or anyplace you'd like to sit or lay on. is a site for what?:  Something with women against men. [It is actually the site of the Portland Art Museum]