March 27: Nesting Doll Measuring Cup Set and Waterproof Notebook

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:14 PM
Given to Crystal from Michal.

The gifts are pretty sweet!  I'm fascinated by the waterproof notepad.  The product description of a similar kind of pad on Amazon says "it's always been a challenge to remember shower ideas, and writing in water is a struggle".  Last I checked, my showers were between 5-10 minutes and I'm usually more concerned with not drinking too much shower water and fending off the subsequent burping than I am with making sure I'm capturing the next great American novel while belting out some Billy Joel.  Oh, was that too much for you?  I've also never had to struggle with writing in water either.  The closest I ever came to that was grabbing this girl Jennifer's number near a friend's pool during my sophomore year in high school.  Conditions, however, proved favorable for date making and number writing.

-Profession: VIP Donor Programs Creator

-Favorite type of crystal: Antique German-leaded

-Do you prefer looking at a salt or sugar crystal?:  Sugar

-If you're having a formal dance at your house, what would you call it?:  Hoppy Rock Ball?  [We were looking for "Crystal's Ball"]

-What % off would you receive from a drug dealer if you wanted to buy crystal meth?:  I would say around 20% off.