March 22: Star Wars comics book and Annakin Skywalker Trivial Pursuit figurine

Friday, March 23, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 2:30 AM
Given to Wally from Geoff.

It's certainly way after the fact, but I feel a need to weigh in on the Ole Miss mascot controversy.  Back a couple of years ago, Ole Miss cast a popular vote to replace its outdated symbol of a Confederate rebel with a new symbol.  One of the choices that was brought to light was Admiral Ackbar, leader of the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars.  Ultimately, the university thought the suggestion a joke, but I think it had a lot of merit...and it would have grown the Ole Miss fan base by a million fold, given the popularity of the sci-fi franchise.

Hokey religions and ancient weapons
are no match for a good blaster
at your side, kid.
-Profession: Priest

-Favorite hymn: Amazing Grace

-What's the oddest thing you've had to bless?: Someone once brought me a goat.  That was interesting.

-Much like a tuxedo t-shirt, do they make collared priest t-shirts?:  Yes, and I used to wear one.

-If Hershey's were to make a candybar that was priest-themed, what would it be like?:  It would be dark chocolate and white chocolate.  Keep it plain and simple.