March 26: Miniature Astronaut Figurine and Homemade Cloth Coin Purse

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:20 AM
Given to Michal from Rachel.

The photo makes them look about 400% bigger than they actually are, but the astronaut and coin purse are very small and would fit easily into most anyone's palm.  When paired together as one combined gift, they remind me of the talismans that the characters in Inception used to know if they were in a dream state or reality.  If they were in reality, a top (in the case of Leo DiCaprio's character) would stop spinning; if in dream land, it would spin like Uncle Kraker's record on a Sunday night.

If using this astronaut piece as my sanity guide, I would know I'm in reality if everyone around me is throwing back some Tang--the drink that took off in sales after use John Glenn's Mercury flight.  If I'm in a dream-like state, I think the astronaut would still be dissolving Tang with water and stirring into oblivion.  Agreed?

-Profession: Student

-Favorite video game: Portal

-Your nickname is 'Mickey'.  How many minds have you blown?:  A few hundred.

-Does college campus security seem as menacing as the police are at home?:  Yeah, they're around a lot more.  But I've never talked with them, though.

-When you see a prospective college student coming to campus (and current high school senior), you think they look _________.:  Lost