March 1: Bath & Body Works Assortment: Cucumber Body Wash, Wild Honeysuckle Body Wash and Dancing Waters soap

Thursday, March 1, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:46 PM
Given to Daniel from Jen.

My guy friends and I enjoy a nice-smelling girl when we come across one.  Collectively, I refer to all of the Bath & Body Works and Victoria Secret scrubs, lotions, and washes simply as "girl smell".  It could be "Hungarian Breeze" and it would still be "girl smell" to me.  In due fashion, I will splash on a drop or two of my Calvin Klein cologne when I'm out with a love interest.  All this makes sense to me.  Amplify pheromones, turn heads, and put asses in the seats when you walk by.

What I don't understand are women (and a minority pack of men) out there who wish to smell like potpourri.  What I also don't understand are the "unisex" fragrances.  On a vacation one year, Daniel was out of shampoo and had to use his friend's sister's shampoo which smelled like tropical fruit.  His friend kept thinking his sister was around the whole time.  So if you're wearing a unisex fragrance, someone would be like, "You smell like Dylan", when in fact your name is Jill or vice versa.  Chaos would erupt.  

Wife says: "Clean this up..."
-Profession: Bridge Builder

-Favorite kind of pain reliever/fever reducer: Excederin

-You build bridges with steel and concrete. How can you build them with people?: Alcohol. People think my title is metaphorical and that I'm some kind of people connector.

-Do you tear up when you watch The Bridges of Madison County?:  I've never seen the movie. But I think they should make The Great Bridge by David McCullough into a movie. It's quite a good story.

-Your 25 year old parrot Lewis is trained to talk. What kind of things does he know how to say?: If we startle him in the middle of the night, he'll say "Be quiet". He likes it when I do chores and I keep him perched on my shoulders when I do them, such as emptying out the dishwasher. He'll approve and say, "Right Now".