March 17: Luck O' The Irish Hot Sauce, Beer soap, and Dill Pickle Popcorn

Saturday, March 17, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 7:24 PM
Given to Molly from Tiffani.

Most people remember where they were on transformative historical days--fall of the Berlin Wall, landing on the moon, the election of Barack Obama.  One of today's gifts--the hot sauce--takes me back to November 12, a day that has been burned into memory and historical unimportance.

I was in college and my cross country teammates and I were enjoying a post-practice meal.  One of the freshman runners--Hank (whose last name shall remain omitted for his own protection)--declared to the table that he was going to drink a whole 5 fl. oz bottle of McIlhenny's tabasco sauce like a shot.  Well, he did it and...I don't think he was able to lay down for at least a week.

Whenever I see a bottle of hot sauce, I think of November 12 and the poor custodial workers.

-Profession: Cook, Urban Farmer

-Favorite Spring Vegetable: Dandelion Greens

-Molly Mormon is a stereotypical name for a female member of the Church or Latter Day Saints.  There are two companies, Molly Gear and Shameless Humor, who make items specifically geared toward Molly Mormons.  What do you think they make?:  Molly Gear--orthopedic shoes and support stockings. Shameless Humor--curtains.

-Have you ever experimented with food and have a dish completely flop?:  I tried to make a lemon sauce with onions.  It was not very good.

-Can you come up with at least five dishes using some or all of the following: sugar, eggs, flour, water, oil, lemons, mustard, asparagus?:
-1) quiche; 2) pretzels with a nice mustard dipping sauce; 3) crostini; 4) steamed asparagus with lemon sauce; and 5) crackers