March 9: Mini De-stressing Sandbox, Travel-sized Listerine, Bottle of Bubbles, Notepad and Yelp! pen

Friday, March 9, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:09 PM
Given to Dawn from Kaitlin.
Can you make bubbles with Listerine?
Sandbox de-stress kits, in theory, are a good idea.  They fit easily on a person's desk and the intention behind them is great: lower a person's stress levels.  However, of the people I've known who keep them on their desk, they don't use them.  They just sit there on the edge of the desk--the New Age version of yesteryear's paperweight.

Speaking of paperweights, I never understood those either.  How many people have 5 mile per hour winds in their office and need to keep the papers in place so they don't blow all around?  People still give them with their company logos on them and they just collect dust.  I say, save the glass and mold it into a beer stein so I can fill it up with foamy delights and can hit the tap again and again.  That'll relieve my stress and it's probably not a bad way to relieve other peoples' stresses, too.

Can't grow old together with a zombie
-Profession: Patient Representative

-Favorite kind of appointment to schedule:  Pediatric speech appointments

-Kaitlin had to give up the sandbox because she had a cat and cats used the sand as their litterbox.  She wanted me to ask you if you are a cat lady.:  I had 2 cats before I moved into my new apartment; my girlfriend has them now.

-Kaitlin also wanted me to ask you if you'll turn into a lady with 20 cats.:  I would love to have a lot of cats.  I just need someone to clean all the litter boxes.

-If you existed in a Dawn of the Living Dead world, what would be the thing you would miss the most?: Going out and not looking over my shoulder.  And probably companionship, too.  I wouldn't want to spend time with a zombie.