February 7: Cake plate

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:30 PM
Given to Lesley from Hannah.
Where the bleep are the crumbs?
We've had our taste of irony when picture frames were given to the picture framer (see January 24).  Today, irony greeted us once more.  A cake plate reeks of wedding registry and Lesley is a bride to be.  More interestingly, her own cake plate was recently cracked when her future mother-in-law accidentally dried the china too hard [maybe she needs a de-stress kit, eh?], separating plate from pedestal.  "I can actually use this", she says gratefully.  "I don't need to make fast tracks on the glue job for the other one".  Bravo!

-Profession: Marketing Strategist

-Favorite Newman's Own Salad Dressing character:  Low-Fat Ginger Sesame (see below)

-You have a unisex name.  How many times have you been confused as being a man?:  All the time...well probably three times a week.  DIRECTV thinks I'm a male.

-We've known each other since we were in diapers.  
How have I changed over the years?:  You're taller.
How have you changed?:  I think I've gotten a little wiser.

-You're a marketing specialist.  How can you give a cake plate a little pizzaz?:
I'd add crumbs to the photo, along with someone's mouth by the edge of the cake like they're going to consume it.  The fork should have crumbs on it, too.  It really should be called a cake platter because it has a steam, which is different than a cake plate, which is normally flat.  I'd also add a recipe for the cake that's on the box.
My favorite is the Caesar Newman,
but I encourage you to cast your
own vote