February 9: Two wine glasses and a blank card

Thursday, February 9, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:26 PM
Given to Brian from Rhonda.

Brian got two decorative wine glasses from Rhonda, as well as a blank card.  The wine glasses--self explanatory.  The blank card--open to interpretation.  We had some guesses as to what Rhonda wanted to write.

1) Dear Brian, You can stop serving your girlfriend wine out of the Kings Island coffee mug next time she's over for dinner.   Love, Rhonda

2) Dear Brian, Have a drink on me!  And another!  Bottoms up!  Rhonda  P.S. I do a great 'Running Man'.

3) Dear Brian, My place--Saturday night.  7:00 p.m.  I'll have the merlot.  XOXO, Rhonda

Japanese women dream of
going kickboxing with him
-Profession: Software engineer

-Favorite kind of sushi:  Tuna maguro

-You have been to Japan and love Japanese culture.  Does every dream you have ultimately have two barefooted geishas walking on your back?:  Not every dream.  But that sounds really good, though.  It's going to be my daydream now.

-When you go to Japan, do they consider you exotic there?:  People go out of their way to look at me.  Before, they used to secretly snap pictures of me with their cell phone cameras.  They gawk, but I think they're getting used to foreigners.

-Tell me the most useless phrase you know in Japanese:  I would like a piece of kelp for dinner from your home aquarium.