February 19: Toilet Seat and Hair Cutting Mannequin Head

Sunday, February 19, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 4:12 PM
Given to Julie from Billy.
She's heading straight for the bathroom
No, no, this is not a bidet where a hose shoots water from the woman's mouth and provides an extra degree of clean for the user.  Bidet, it turns out, comes from the French word meaning 'pony' from the notion that a person rides a bidet like he or she rides a pony.  Most interesting is that 95% of Italian households have one.  This may not sound like a big deal to you, but it helped link another fun fact I heard a few years ago on the John Tesh radio show.  He said the average age that Italian men leave their parent's home is 32.  Do you see the connection?  There's no reason to leave if they're spending all their time on one of these contraptions.  Since it's the average, Italian men who leave sooner must not have a quality bidet in their home.  Those who stay longer, well...must have super clean Tesh-ticles.

Is there a Rosetta Stone for Pittsburgh?
-Profession: Sony collegiate representative; student

-Favorite kind of ice: crushed

-Since you represent Sony, what happens if you're caught using, for instance, an Apple product?:  You get a stern warning.  They say we (other reps) should be using our Sony Vaio instead of a Macbook.  We could get fired I suppose.

-Do your parents understand you or are there experiences/expressions that they are completely out-of-touch with?:  They look at me like I'm insane.  My father literally does not understand me.  My mom works in electronics, so she's more hip to what goes on.

-But some people don't understand the natives from Pittsburgh, which is where you're from.:  Yes, most people there say 'crick' for 'creek' and 'slippy' for 'slippery'.  My parents, for example, say 'Warshington' for 'Washington'.  It's embarrassing.