February 24: Electronic tire pressure gauge, Stance grip socks, Half-used box of Efferdent

Friday, February 24, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 9:43 PM
Given to Shannon from Aaron.
This has MacGyver episode written all over it
Shannon claims she's "not good" with how to use a tire pressure gauge.  For her sake and yours, here's how the magic happens:

1) Unscrew the small black tire air cap.
2) Place tire pressure gauge on hole.
3) Read the number.  Most cars have between 32-35 lbs. of air pressure in each tire, varying by the season.  Refer to Boyle's Gas Law for how this works.  (Hint: Change in Temperature = Change in Pressure)
4) If it falls in that range, continue driving.  It is is outside of that range, call your rabbi/priest/minister/life coach/exercise partner and ask them what you should do.
5) If they don't know, turn to page 16-c in your car manual and recite the third paragraph aloud.  That will tell you how to proceed.

Your hat should hold my fish
-Profession: Higher Ed Jack-of-All-Trades

-Favorite kind of hat: A legit cowboy hat

-Tornado--run or watch?:  Watch at home.  I've lived through some heinous tornadoes.  They're fascinating, but I need to be able to go downstairs in the basement.

-Have you had a higher education experience that has ruffled your feathers?:  Yes.  I have a 13-year old, $15 parking ticket that wasn't even mine!  I can't get my transcripts until I pay it.  I refuse.  Maybe when it's the 15-year anniversary, I will.

-You have a Japanese last name, but are not Japanese.  Do you get targeted Google ads for saki, small footwear or hayashi rice when you're online?:  No, I don't get any Google ads like that.  A lot of people, though, think it's Italian and put a 'g' in for the 'j' in my last name.  I tell them, "No, it's 'j' for jerk.'