February 2: Marilyn Monroe calendar, Yankee Candle set, $25 Visa giftcard, Peanuts Guide to Life book

Thursday, February 2, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:55 PM
Given to Chuck from Lauren.

Both receiver and blogger were overwhelmed by Lauren's generosity in today's Groundhog Day gift exchange.  Chuck remarked several times that the gifts were really nice and was clearly not expecting this.  So thanks Lauren for continuing to be the sweetheart that you are.

While flipping through the Monroe calendar, Chuck remarked that in those days pictures of her in a swimsuit were like nudity.  It got me thinking of putting together a book called, "The History of Observational Near-Nudity".  Today, having someone's tatas only 10% covered is a commonplace Hollywood sight.  But, as Chuck correctly suggests, as you go back in time, standards of risque-ness have changed.  For example, a woman's ankles being flashed in the late-1800s was tantamount to bearing it all.  I have this mental picture of a woman in the 1600s completely bundled up and wearing a full face ski mask.  If she flared a nostril, I'm sure that was a real head-turner for the gentlemen back then.

I'm waiting for the day when the world is one large nudist colony.

-Profession: UPS Driver

-Favorite traffic sign:  Look Out for Children

Runner beats the throw and car
to 3rd
-After you finish the household chores your wife asks you to do, do you say to her "That's what brown can do for you?":  No...[he laughs]

-Who's got the better read on the weather--Farmer's Almanac or Punxsutawney Phil?:  I think it's probably the Farmer's Almanac.  Phil wanted six more weeks of winter this year!  And I think he's been wrong the last few years anyway.

[Research indicates that Phil is right 39% of the time, while several meteorologists say that the Farmer's Almanac predictions are too vague to say if they are right or wrong.  The Almanac claims that it's long-range forecasts are 80% accurate.]