February 6: Calming Waters Relaxation Fountain

Monday, February 6, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:52 PM
Given to Hannah from Ansley.

Marketing team desperate
when they list "on/off swtich"
as a key feature
We've had two themes that have emerged in the young life of this blog: "As Seen on TV" products and de-stressing paraphernalia.  What does this mean?

It means Americans are lazy (and buy dumbed-down TV products) and stressed.  Why are they lazy?  Because the stress is getting to them.  Why are they stressed?  Because of the man.  It's probably better than people giving deodorant products (bad odors), large quantities of netting (locust plague), or moth balls (too many closets).

In case you were wondering, a hawk-like "scraw" sound will activate this fountain in a pinch.

Seconds prior screamed for her
genuine river rock
-Profession:  Marketing Administrator

-Favorite Lullaby: "All Through the Night"

-Hannah is a palindrome.  Do you know any other palindromes?:  Yes, I knew that.  Racecar is one, too.  If I had an hour, I could probably come up with a better one, maybe even a sentence.

-You work with MBA's.  Is everything "strictly business" in your interactions with them or do you make any small talk?:  I always make small talk with them!

-What's your theory as to why people are giving all of these de-stressing gifts?:  I think the person who gave them the gift thought they were stressed.  But because they are giving the gifts away, they feel they don't need to de-stress.  It's a complete mis-perception of their stress levels.