February 18: 2 Reusable, Eco-friendly Sandwich Bags

Saturday, February 18, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:27 PM
Given to Billy from Justin.
This is just the gateway into hemp clothing
Billy is a teacher, soccer coach, winemaker, speaker of French, outstanding friend, spouse and father to his own kids, and a man I consider to be like a second father.  I enjoy his company whenever I see him and I had the privilege of enjoying lunch with him for this gift exchange.  He got two very cool reusable, environmentally friendly sandwich bags.  Since he's a teacher and usually takes his lunch into school every day, these are particularly handy.  Though I thought I heard him say "principal will never know" and "marijuana stash" under his breath to his wife as we were leaving the restaurant.

This oenophile turns his nose at
your cleanskin
-Profession: Special education teacher

-Favorite action movie hero:  He-Man

-Match Game:  _______  Goat:  Get Your?  [I'm sorry, we were looking for 'Billy']

-Explain to me the real reason people gurgle, sniff, swirl, and smell their wine prior to really drinking it?:  They're trying to dilute it a little bit so it doesn't hurt going down.

-I've got a stopwatch ready.  Let's see how long you can say GOOOAAAL like the Spanish-speaking soccer announcer?:  [He bellowed it out for 25 seconds]