February 5: Blown glass ship in a bottle

Sunday, February 5, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 7:23 PM
Given to Ansley from Holly.

This blown glass ship in a bottle comes from a long line of "impossible" bottles, which can also contain decks of cards, tennis balls, and scissors--among many other objects.  Tell me, is there no limitation of the human imagination of crap you can encase in a glass bottle?  "Hey Barb, let's put our Windows 2000 CD-rom in glass.  Wouldn't that be great?"  Or more plausibly, "John, I'd really like my gall stones in a glass bottle."  Really, folks, the list can go on an on.  And until someone holds an "Occupy Tourist Kitsch Money Pit" rally, this is not going to end.

Wishes Christina Aguilera would
rub him the right way
-Profession: Actor

-Favorite city in a clock display of cities around the world:  New York

-Moment you thought the acting business was flipping nuts:  I had this really bad experience doing a dinner theatre in Florida.  I was the understudy and no one wanted me there; they didn't want the lead to go.  It was not a lot of fun.

-Favorite craft table item you've had?:  Peanut M&M's

-What will your tabloid story be about when you become famous?:  I gambled away my life savings at a casino in Monaco with Angelia Jolie.  We're both trashed, while Brad's chilling out in the hotel room upstairs.