February 11: Six glasses, six coasters and a lemon squeezer

Saturday, February 11, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:29 PM
Given to John from Jennifer.

Jennifer mentioned very casually that she had an entire attic full of unused wedding presents.  Hold on, an entire attic full of gifts?  No wonder why she was so eager to participate!  But isn't that how wedding registries are supposed to be useful?  She didn't mention if she used one or not.  Watch out friends of Jennifer.  If Mr. & Mrs. Re-Gift bring you a Kitchen Aid mixer, a Keurig espresso maker, or Egyptian cotton sheets for your next party, see if you can swap it out for something else in their collection.

Travels in Nicholas Cage's
Ghostrider sidecar
-Profession:  Supply Chair Manager

-Favorite home appliance:  Propane gas grill

-To get extra laughs at parties, do you excuse yourself to the restroom by saying, "I'll be right back--I'm going to the john.":  No, never.  But I think I'll use it now.

-# of times people said you could be Brad Garrett's cousin?:  One, but it's from the same guy at the gym who tells me that all the time.

-Vacation travel is usually fun, but you do an extensive amount of business travel for your job.  How would you characterize it?:  It's like I'm going back to hell.