February 21: Coffee mug and 2 pens

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:49 PM
Given to Nick from John.

Nick's initial reaction: "It's like I should be locked in a room, my mug filled with coffee, and told to get to work."  I thought it would be more like what the proctor for a standardized test might have with them for the intolerable three hours and change--coffee to fight the butt-crack of dawn wake-up and extra pens in case a test taker forgot theirs.

Much like a guy standing next to a souped-up sports car that's not his own to attract women, Nick also thought he could parade around his office with this mug and hit on the women there--pretending he is a law school graduate.  "I'm a Juris Doctor of Love."

Roald Dahl is in his warm-up
rowing playlist
-Profession: Treasury analyst

-Favorite power tool: Rotary saw

-They say men think about sex 98% of the time.  Since you lived in Georgia, how much of the time was Georgia on your mind?:  When you live in Georgia, I think you're thinking about sex even more because of all the cute southern belles in their little dresses.  When you're away from the state, I would say Georgia's on your mind a lot more...because of the belles.

-You were a rower.  Is it more like powering a Viking ship or a bunch of guys singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and sipping on champagne coolies?:  Rowing is definitely tougher than it looks.  It's not like Ryan Gosling in The Notebook.  I'd say more toward the Viking ship idea.

-You can transpose anything you hear on the radio to playing it on the piano.  What's your musical guilty pleasure?:  Oh, anything Lady Gaga.  [click here to listen to Nick's Lady Gaga piano medley]