February 26: Auto Voice Recorder & Note Pad, Bible, and Set of 4 highball glasses

Sunday, February 26, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:44 PM
Given to Dale from Ric.

*The Auto voice recorder and note pad is something that sticks to the window in your car, much like a GPS.  You can push a button to record something and there's a notepad to write something down. *

Which comes first?  Bible, Auto Voice Recorder, or High-Ball Glasses?
1) You fill your glasses with varying levels of church wine.  You have the notes to "Pachelbel's Canon" written on your recorder pad.  You strike the Bible to each glass to play your tune in front of the congregation.

2) After Sunday service, you notice a piece of paper tucked in your bible that says "Need any sacramental wine?  See Fr. Joe".  You call Fr. Joe and take down the date and time you are to stop back up at church.  He fills up your four highballs, places them in a to-go cardboard container, and you head back home.

3) Your recorder's message says "Bible Study--8 p.m. at Judy's".  You bring your Bible.  When you get to Judy's, she is serving strawberry "mock"-tails in the highballs.  Cucumber sandwiches are on the side.

Where's Chip?
-Profession: Semi-retired electronics teacher; Massotherapist

-Favorite kind of tape: Clear masking tape

-You're an avid kite flyer.  Have you ever tried to repeat Ben Franklin's electricity experiment?:  I haven't. Actually, you can build up a charge with any old kite you fly.

You have many hobbies.  Tell me one that's the most unique:  Orienteering.  People call it the "thinking man's" game.  It's big in Nordic countries.  Flags are set up in an area and you have to run to each and get a stamp that you were there.  It's great exercise.  People get into it, too.  They're so hyped up--they wear foam knee pads and scale terrain.  You have to figure out if you're going to go over or around the hill or river.

You're our fifth bearded gift exchanger.  Are you jolly?:  Ho, ho, ho!  Yes, very!  I keep my Christmas cards up all year long.  Keeping them up keeps me jolly!