February 28: Around the World board game, Cranberry Woods candle, Single-sized merlot and wine glass, and 2 sacks of nuts

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:43 PM
Given to Kathy from Joe.

Seeing this Around the World game reminded me of something that happened several years ago.  I was celebrating New Year's Eve at my college roommate's condo with him and some people I didn't know very well.  To help bring the New Year in with a bang, we were playing some variety of Scattergories/Cranium/Guesstures.  And I fear I did at least one thing that will forever haunt me.

Again, I don't remember the exact game, but you had to figure out who was who based on clues you were given.  There was this guy in the corner of the room who I pegged as the nurse the whole game.  He kept denying it and all the clues out there said he should have been the taxi driver or something like that.  I kept trash talking the whole time and said words to the effect of "I know a male nurse when I see one."  The game ends and guess who was the male nurse?  That guy!  Well, the bugger ended up going to nursing school shortly thereafter.  I had no idea how profound the power of suggestion was until that moment.   I should have said something like "rodeo clown".

Has no qualms about parting with
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-Profession: Marketing Manager

-Favorite Mahjong tile:  Flowers.  I hate to discard them even when they don't fit in the hand I'm going for.

-Your husband says you work 24/7--literally.  What?:  My boss will give us a challenge for work.  I'll go to bed and wake up the next morning with a bunch of ideas and start  jotting them down when I wake up.  But I don't sleep talk.

-You enjoy wine tasting.  Tell me something snobbish you'd say when tasting wine:  It certainly has an oak barrel overtone with a chutney placement and a hint of booger.

-How many times have you driven on the left side of the road and told your passengers, "This is how they do it in England"?:  253